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New Year, New Features

Ping Wong

No better way to kick off the new year than with new features!

Custom Domains

Want something a bit more personal than a * domain? We understand, no hard feelings. Each project can now be assigned a custom domain in its settings page, though you will also need to make sure you correctly set up your DNS records in order for it to actually work.

(note that does not sell the domain name; you can buy one at places like iwantmyname or namecheap)

Full Dropbox

You can choose to connect your full Dropbox account to your account. This would allow you to build a site out of any folder in your Dropbox folder, including shared folders — great for collaboration!

What has not changed is that by default, we still only ask for permission to use a single subfolder when you sign up for After you have done this, you can reconnect to your full Dropbox account in your settings page.

Relaxed Limits

Not really a feature, but the limit for projects and templates has been increased to two and five respectively.