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The Next Pancake

Ping Wong

Today I am happy to announce a new type of project: git-based projects.

Git-based projects combine git and static-site generators, two developer favorites, and together these address some weaknesses with Dropbox-based projects. The advantages of these new projects include:

Like their counterparts, git-based projects all get free * subdomains. Both this blog and the docs site have been successfully migrated to static sites for several weeks now, with excellent results.

As of today, the following static site generators are supported: jekyll, pelican, wintersmith, middleman, hyde, sphinx. Additionally, the detection heuristics are on github, where you are most welcome to submit pull requests!

Instructions for getting started have been added to the docs. It covers uploading your SSH key, creating a new Pancake project, and adding Pancake as a remote to your repository. From there on, you can git push your code to Pancake.

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